#Vets Who Code

In this very special edition of SwearJar, your team’s textual improprieties will benefit Vets Who Code, a teriffic nonprofit that teaches in-demand tech skills to America’s veterans.

If you're going to #$%@
#$%@ for a good cause.

A Slack bot that converts colorful language and buzzword-speak to small charitable donations on your company's behalf.

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Be a Slacktivist!
Encourage a culture of giving.

Show that you care.

Social impact is an important priority for knowledge workers. SwearJar serves as a cheerful reminder that your company is focused on more than just the bottom line.

Make giving a regular habit—no effort required.

SwearJar does it all for you. Just set a monthly maximum you’re comfortable with, then chat on Slack as usual. You’ll help others automatically!

Causes everyone can get behind.

SwearJar is backed by Give Lively, a tech-focused incubator for social good. We’ll hand-pick worthy nonprofits so you can trust that your dollars are used effectively.

Teams that laugh together kick @#% together.

Having a bit of not-too-distracting fun helps strengthen bonds, reduce stress, and improve cooperation. Keep the mood upbeat and see your team thrive.

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How the $*!% does it work?


Add SwearJar to your team’s Slack. It only takes a minute or two.


Slack normally. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some /.+/-bombs when the need arises.


When someone says one of the week’s secret trigger words, SwearJar will direct a $1 donation to a featured nonprofit on your company’s behalf. Trigger words can be one of those classic expletives you know and love, tech/corporate/startup buzzwords, or complete non-sequiturs. We reserve the right to surprise you.


Teams can also add their own trigger words with the /swearjar command.


At the start of the next week, we’ll choose a new nonprofit and change up the trigger words. SwearJar will continue listening and sending donations to great causes until you reach your team’s monthly maximum.


In addition to our picks, teams can also choose any US-based nonprofit to donate to.

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Privacy + Responsibility

While SwearJar is meant to be fun, we’re extremely serious when it comes to privacy and security.

Apart from matching trigger words, we don’t store or analyze your Slack messages in any way.

Donations are processed with Stripe and batched in order to reduce credit card fees. They are fully tax deductible.

You can set a monthly maximum so that your company never donates more than you’re comfortable with.

Meet some of the remarkable nonprofits we partner with.

Have some fun while helping others.

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